“Borrowing” from other cultures is an inevitable thing, am I right, white people? We see this especially with “urban” language. Kna’mean? Is this because black people are generally thought of as cooler? Probably. 

Anyway, here’s the SUBUrban Dictionary, which lists the words white people really loved appropriating this year. Enjoy.




"Before Anyone Else," short for "baby;" love interest, potential love interest, or anyone.

- Got a great gift from muh bae, gonna post it on Instagram.




Boring, unspecific AF. (AF = "As fuck")

- She's basic and she knows it, that's why she tries so hard to be cool on Instagram. 




From brotha, which probably came from brother.

- What's good, bruh?

Bye Felicia

interjection, noun


Felicia is that person you don’t give two shits about. So bye. 

- Bae, why you so mad?

- I'm not. You're a person I don't give two shits about anymore.

- Huh?

- Bye, Felicia. 

- Who's Felicia?

- YOU. [slams a door]




Term of endearment for your peoples.

- Those your peoples? 

- Yep, that's my fam. 




Like "lit" (see below), but often used to describe music/marijuana.

 - My little brother told me yesterday that “JB’s new song is fire.”

- Oh your little bruh-bruh? How's he doing?

- He's gucci, thanks for asking. 

Giving me life

interjection, noun, verb


Hyperbolic expression of joy.

- This pumpkin spice latte is giving me life. 

- YAY!




 Some combination of good, cool, chill, dope, and awesome.

- How did you make out on your tax return? Gucci?

- Extremely Gucci, thanks for asking!




Really, really not cute.

- You look hit, girl, are you not having a gucci day at work?

- Nah, I'm gucci, thanks for asking. 

Keep it 100

interjection, verb, noun


Evolved form of "keep it real," which means to keep things on solid ground.

- You're starting to annoy me with these false accusations.

- Let's keep it 100.  




Things are getting exciting, possibly out of hand. 

SUBurban Dictionary. Image 1.

On Fleek

interjection, adjective


On point.

- I wish my eyebrows were more on fleek. 

- You're Gucci, though. 

- Thanks, you're a good friend. 




Queen is an uplifting term usually applied to WOC (and a prominent expression in drag culture). In a society that often tries to diminish certain people’s self worth, said people might choose to reaffirm their value by calling themselves and their peers “queen” as a little reminder that can’t nobody tell you “you ain’t shit,” no matter how hard they try, because nothing could be further from the truth. Can be gender-fluid. Often paired with “yas” (“Yasssss queen”). 

- They can't tell me I'm shit, I'm a queen, dammit.

- Yas, queen, you're damn right you are. 




NOT a socket wrench. Ratchet is what you’d get if trifilin and hot mess had a baby. 

- Pass me my socket wrench.

- Your ratchet?

- Hey, there's no need to call me a triflin, hot mess.

- No, I said YOUR ratchet. Not "you're," silly.

- Oh, my bad. We gucci?

- Yes, we gucci. 

Spirit animal



 Rhetorical device that helps people explain who they really are by naming other things around them; rhetorical device that was stolen from the indigenous and Native concept of a totem; rhetorical device that needs to die.

- Elon Musk is my spirit animal.




The gang; crew; group of friends; posse.

- Bouta hit the clurb w/ da squad.

- Count me in!

Squad goals

interjection, noun


This is about aspiration. If you aspire for your squad to be more like that one, then #squadgoals. Squad goals have become so tied to Taylor Swift and status in her unattainable cult that #squadgoals → #gagme.

- Bouta hit the clurb w/ da squad.

- Count me in, hashtag squad goals!




Spot where the drugs are cooked and/or sold. Also speaks to the idea that that the hustling lifestyle is hard to get out of, especially when social mobility is harder to come by than a hook up. It even references systems of oppression that keep people of a certain ilk confined to said lifestyle. Some alternate (white) definitions are a.) a type of music or b.) the hangout spot/one’s house 

- You coming to the trap tonight? 

- Do you mean your house?

- Nope, the other hangout spot.

- #squadgoals

Trap queen



Honestly, this is the woman who knows how to cook crack up right and makes a good profit on it. She’s also that ride or die, and probably won’t let you catch a case if she can help it. Basically she’s a good business woman and loyal AF. Due in large part to Fetty Wap’s eponymous song, aka our generation’s greatest love song, many people now think that trap queen is simply a term of endearment, and that anyone can be a trap queen. 

Boy, I sure do hope my friend Jessica is not a Trap queen because that would be quite the ordeal.

Turn up

interjection, verb


An imperative or declaration to dial up the fun; get loose.

Turn up the music so we can turn up this party properly, please. 

Turn Down For What

 verb phrase


Definitely not going to turn down, will continue to turn up. 

 - Could you turn that down for me please?

- What?

- Did you not hear me?

- Just the last part—turn down for WHAT?

- ME!

-  Oh, for you?

- YES!

- Absolutely not. [turns up everything]




Don’t be confused by the ending here. Unless something was turnt, this is a progressive form of “turn up.”

- Let's go this party tonight and get turnt, but don't tell Felicia...

- Who's Felicia?

- [Side-eyes]




Gossip. The scoop. 

- Girl, I've got something juicy about that ratchet Felicia you're not gonna believe...

- Gimme that tea, please.  




Something many white people are not. Being woke basically means being aware of things like racial disparities and gender inequities. This is a term often used in social justice to describe being in touch with the state of things.

- You know, you can’t be woke if you’re colorblind and think we live in a post-racial society. 

SUBurban Dictionary. Image 2.