Taylor Swift Leaves Party To Avoid The Dude Who Made Her Love Dick

Dear reader, an apology – I just got an earful from A.J. because this is late. Know that I had a version ready and he chopped it into the ether and I gave you my Disick report instead. Cut to this morning, while I was in the midst of being rammed by a Nautica spokesman come to life complete with European accent, six… » 1/23/15 9:10pm Yesterday 9:10pm

SurvivaLA: We're All Running From The Bear

It's rare, of course, but sometimes black bears wander through LA. They climb trees; they eat from trashcans and even refrigerators; they amble around until Sheriffs Deputies come to tranquilize them. » 1/23/15 5:20pm Yesterday 5:20pm

Most Interesting People in LA This Week: Disneyland Cast Members With…

Visitors to Disneyland are greeted by a host of characters from Disney's films — Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Jack Sparrow — all ready to sign autographs and pose for pictures. But at Christmastime, a visitor infected with measles strolled up Main Street, U.S.A. and now five Disneyland employees have reportedly… » 1/22/15 2:15pm Thursday 2:15pm

Meth Dealers: Stop Doing Business on the Phone

San Francisco may be the nation's tech capital, but Southern California law enforcement agencies are leading the state when it comes to the adoption of electronic surveillance. A report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a tech and civil liberties advocacy organization, highlights how law enforcement relies on… » 1/19/15 6:20pm Monday 6:20pm

A Feces Treatise: Be The Change

There were some think pieces about poop in San Francisco we should talk about. First, Allison Arieff, writing on the Op-Ed pages of the New York Times scolded the Internet for laughing at the feces-stained streets in San Francisco. » 1/19/15 12:35pm Monday 12:35pm

'The Golden Globes of Porn' Through The Eyes Of A Porn Star

Arriving at the JW Marriott with a face full of porn star make-up, I panicked, convinced I was at the wrong hotel. The lobby was full of middle-aged white men in suits, with not an industry starlet in sight. The 2015 XBIZ Awards, known among the nominees as "The Golden Globes of Porn," had been double booked with a… » 1/19/15 12:30pm Monday 12:30pm