Obama, Spielberg, and You: Who's Paying For LAPD's Body Cameras

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced this week that he would set aside funds in the city's budget next year to purchase 7,000 body-worn cameras for the Los Angeles Police Department. But LAPD officers in three districts will start receiving cameras as soon as January, purchased with funds raised by Police Commission… » 12/18/14 11:49pm Thursday 11:49pm

If You Wanna Dress Like A Convict, Wear PUMA®

In the '80s, wearing a pair of Pumas at Rikers Island, New York City's largest and infamously dangerous jail, was an invitation to a beating. "If you came in with Pumas on, you were going to be a target," says Jerry Fields, the author of The Bad Boys Chronicles: Memoirs of the Making and Unmaking of an Ex-Bank Robber » 11/23/14 6:58pm 11/23/14 6:58pm

If You Don't Get That Buzzfeed San Francisco Editor Job, Try Ratter

Yesterday, Ben Smith, editor of Buzzfeed News, Twittered that he'll be in San Francisco this week interviewing candidates for a new Bureau Chief position. The very lengthy and aspirational job listing can be found here. Buzzfeed is an excellent company and I'm sure they'll make an extraordinary hire. » 10/21/14 1:35pm 10/21/14 1:35pm